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翻译相关抗体、细胞粘附相关抗体、GPCR抗体、肿瘤抑制凋亡抗体、细胞周期抗体、离子通道抗体、结构蛋白抗体 、生长因子和激素抗体、GDP/GTP结合蛋白抗体、同源结构域蛋白抗体、信号分子抗体、淋巴细胞信号抗体、神经生物抗体、激酶和磷酸化酶抗体、受体抗体、转录调节蛋白抗体 、运输蛋白抗体、cleaved specific抗体、phospho-specific抗体。



Established in San Francisco, C.A. in 2006, Anbo Biotechnology Co., Ltd is a company with technological advancements and performance excellence dedicated to manufacturing novel antibodies of the highest quality to help press forward customers’ progress in scientific research. Our unrelenting pursuit of improvements has shaped a brighter future for the antibody industrial spectrum, transforming idea into innovation, experience into expertise and attitude into altitude.
Thousands of products, hundreds of techniques, ONE single source.
Possessing a thorough understanding of what the customers need, we offer a vast variety of over 7,000 validated, pre-made antibodies that span a broad range of cellular pathways, featuring more than 1,000 GPCR antibodies. In addition to our selection of G-Protein Couple Receptor (GPCR) antibodies, we offer isoform and modification-specific antibodies, including acetyl-specific, phosphor-specific and cleavage-specific antibodies. Our full product line also covers antibodies against ion channels, trans-membrane proteins, cytoskeleton, neuroscience and signal transduction. Meanwhile, we are making enormous strides in developing all human genome wide antibodies to further expand our product catalog and achieve a high degree of customer satisfaction.
Proved and improved performance: Products for professionals by professionals.
In a world moving toward Quality life, we are delighted and determined to show the meaning and the promise of Quality. Our platform has passed the remarkable ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification. Quality guarantee at Anbo, therefore, is of utmost worth that we cannot afford to let go. Our committed teams synthesize our antibodies with professionalism and proficiency from design to detection, using synthetic peptide haptens or recombinant protein. This allows our quality to be closely monitored while endowing us with the capability to target particular protein regions and isoforms in our antibody design. Our quality peptide design is essential to generating specific, selective, and reproducible antibodies in the first place. Employing our outstanding expertise in antibody manufacturing and rigorous quality control system has enabled us to produce superior quality antibodies effectively to outperform rivals.
Trustworthy Services: Above and Beyond Products
At Anbo, we believe it is not simply about getting products, it is indeed about getting services. Not just some products to buy, but products worth buying. When it comes to providing and upgrading services for every customer on each product, Anbo knows BETTER.
Conceiving Triumph & Accomplishing Brilliance
Our mission is to attain and maintain customer satisfaction by developing and delivering antibody services and solutions of supreme quality to better serve life sciences, thus Conceiving Triumph and Accomplishing Brilliance.
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